What We're About...

Our Mission:

To turn your walls into mindset strategies!

Entrepreneurship is about mindset. We are here to help you unleash your inner drive, to realise your true potential.

We developed Lax Mural in order to help you maintain your tunnel vision along this path less travelled.


Who We Are

Coming from the North-West of England, Manchester. Lax Mural is a collective of British entrepreneurs in arts and graphic designing. After noticing jarring repetitions and tendencies in unoriginality when it comes motivational art; as much as we appreciate those others in our field, weren't pleased with the lack of diversity in style and creativity.


What We Do

Lax Mural offers the mental clarity and boost for the viewer each day. We offer get-your-mind-right energy boosts in such a beautiful way for our canvases to double as art decor. Our designs are meticulously created from market research comprising of entrepreneurs and athletes. We source imagery and text that motivates goal-oriented individuals. The colour palettes of our canvases are designed to blend seamlessly into the walls of modern homes.

Quite often, we feature minimalistic designs, ideal for the contemporary spaces. Our designs focus and primarily draw from British influences. We do so in order to stay true to what we can produce best... and doesn't everyone need a touch of 🇬🇧 class anyway?

Positive reinforcement is what we are about. We provide the aides required to reinforce your mindset in order for you, to become the you, your goals need.


Your outlook on life determines your accomplishments.


Get your mind right, to get what's rightly yours!


Unleash your inner drive, realise your potential!